The Hush House Collective

The Hush House purposes to see past the impossible or improbable onto collective victories that give birth to practical solutions, even as we are confronted by what appears as insurmountable in-equalities of social, economic, and education deduced as pragmatic oppressions, that has given frenzied rise in the 21st century, necessitated by notations of justified supremacy and rights of privilege as commodities of purchase.
Leadership and Training Institute

The Hush House Leadership and Training Institute specializes in grassroots community leadership development based on the education the Simmons have learned and taught collectively over the last 40 years as educators. Their revolutionary process engages the evolution of black thought in practice  from the ground up, teaching strategies to address the needs of family restoration for brothers and sisters who have been incarcerated, as well as others i the community. There is an incorporation of spiritual warfare training, healing through community building, community based education programs, lectures, workshops, intergenerational conversations, as well as practical training internships. Hush House International Leadership and Training Institute has sponsored and continues partnerships in: Ghana, Liberia (through Liberian Literacy Foundation), Senegal and Belize.
HYMM (Hush Your Mouth Multi Media)

A center for training students and professionals in multi-media practice, evaluation, and development of new approaches that will broaden the democratic function of communication systems.
Simmons Center for Peace and Social Justice Studies

Established in 2014, its mission is to bring together intergenerational leaders for collaborative global and local work and study projects, to provide Fellows  with housing and opportunities  to engage in  practical ways of negotiating the national and international challenges of grass roots leadership.​​
Residential Leadership Program

In 2016, our Residential Leadership House opened! We are very excited to provide a live in opportunity for people who are interested in working in the community. Leadership courses are paired with practical application, with a local-global opportunity to serve and grow!
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